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+9Ventoss 8-9 DT
+10Ventoss 12-14 DT
+9 Skewer 15 DT
+10 Skewer 20 DT
+9 Ice Pick 4-5 DT
+10 Ice Pick 7-8 DT


+10 Icarus Bow 10-15DT
+10 Icarus Staff 10-15DT
+10 Fist of Fury 10-15DT


+9 Naga Shield 7-10DT
+10 Naga Shield 10-12 DT


+9 Tidal Set 2 - 3DT
+10 Tidal Set 5-7DT


+9 Black Leather Boots[1] 25-30DT
+10 Black Leather Boots[1] 35-40 DT
+9 Feather Beret 9-10 DT


Hokage Hat 6-9DT


Icarus Wings  8-10DT
Gargoyle Wings 6-8DT
Phoenix Wings  4-5DT
Black/White Butterfly Wings 4-5DT
Claw Wings 4-5DT
Arctic Wings 2-4DT
Torn Wings 2-4DT




Tao Gunka Card 10-15DT


Skeletal Armor Piece 8-10DT


[ Item Name/ Price ]



Nile Rose (2pcs) - 35-40DT
Sleipnir Unknown 30-40DT
Sleipnir Named 30-35DT

Upgraded Items

+5 Valkyrie Manteau 35-45DT
+6 Valkyrie Manteau 85-100DT
+7 Valkyrie Manteau 150- 220DT
+8 Valkyrie Manteau 450-500DT
+9 Valkyrie Manteau 700-1000DT


+7 Banryu 160-180DT
+8 Banryu 220-240DT
+9 Banryu 280 -300DT
+10 Banryu 350-400DT


+9 Hokage Hat 150-180DT
+10 Hokage Hat  190- 220DT


+7 Drooping Neko 180-200DT


Golden Thief Bug Card 10-15DT
Gloom Card 30-40DT
Fallen Bishop Card 25-30DT




[ Item Name/ Price ]




[ Item Name/ Price ]



Poring Soap Pipe 200-300DT
Magical Booster 200-300DT
Black Cat Ears Beret 300-400DT
Eremes Guile Scarf (Red) 200-300DT
Loyal Servant of Morocc- 200-300DT
Water Spellcaster 300-400DT
Wild Poring Rider 300-400DT




Garment Wings

Rudra Wings 600- 900DT
Golden Wings 800- 1000DT
Fallen Angel Wings 1000-1500DT
Kirin Wings 700b- 1000DT
Little Devil Wings 1000-1500DT
Archangel Wings 900-1000DT
Wings of Happiness 700-900DT
Cupid Pink Wings 300-500DT
Great Devil Wings 700-900DT
Wings of Uriel 500-800DT




Thanatos Card 2000-3000DT

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