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Sniper Job Showdown

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 Event will happen at 09/25/2021   Registration for Sniper Job Showdown will only be available until 09/25/2021 (20:30 GMT +8)

Sniper Job Showdown


1st Prize:

Valkyrie Helm T2 / Traveler's Hat T2 / Kakashi's Head Protector T2 / Dragon Wings T2 /  Customized Costume ( Choose 2 )

2nd: Prize 

Valkyrie Armor T2 / Shoes T2 / Shield T2 ( Choose 2 )


Consolation Prize:

200 Credits + 10 Event Box + 5 Reward Box


Rules and Regulations:

1) All skills are allowed within the area

2) These Items are not allowed/disabled
Nile Rose
Traveler's Hat
Kakashi's Protector
Valkyrie Helm
Cyclops Visor
Dragon Wings
Flame Aura
Sword Barrier

3) Rare/Red MVP Cards ( Thanatos, Gloom, Fallen Bishop Card, Amon Ra) are not allowed.

4) MVP Cards / Normal Cards are allowed.

These things are not allowed also:

Strip ( Full Chemical Protection before Match )

Outside Buff 

3) Maximum of 8 players to join, Two contenders per round which is Race to 2. Elimination will happen, until the finals happen, or two contests will remain the battle for the winner.

3) First 8 players who register from forum will be the only participants (First 8 comments from forum) If the player is in the first 8 registers but does not go online at the time of the event then the 9th comment from forum will be replaced and so on.

5) Must be online before 22:00 to prepare.


How to register? 

Just comment your IGN (In-game Name) below

Sample: (IGN: [ADM]-Killua™)

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