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[ Guide ] New Player

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  • Claim your freebies at the starting point..
  • Field Manual 300% (5pcs)
  • Silver Valkyrie Set
  • 10x Yggdrasil Berry Box
  • 10x Yggdrasil Seed Box
  • 1 Free Doppelganger Card (197ASPD)

Recommended First Job @DevilSupremeRO

I recommend Stalker to get you started.



  • Very Good in Gold Room
  • Can copy skills like "Triple Attack" From Champion / Monk
  • also have Double Strafe like Sniper
  • Can use bow or knife on Gold Room


  • none


time scale: 10-15minutes (Max Level)

Map: go to @warp prt_fild01

Use all your 10 skill points and warp back to Job Changer. Then change into a Thief job

Once your reach enough Base Level and 50 Job Level. Use your skills points to enable your new skills. Then you can become a Rogue. 

Status: All DEX (Preparation for Double Strafe and Bow)

Once you become Rogue, equipped the Bow and buy some arrows at mall either go here or @go mall

Then buy the following arrows: Arrow of Counter Evil 1x, Arrow of Wind 1x, Crystal Arrow 1x

Then you will need to get few skills points to get Vulture's Eye and Double Strafe maxed out.

Skill Required: Vulture's Eye (for long range attack) and Double Strafe (for damage)

Level 50 - 100+ 

Map: @warp orcsdun01 or orcsdun02

Arrow: Arrow of Counter Evil (HOLY PROPERTY)


Do not forget to increase your DEX every time you level up.

Once you reach Base Level 100 and Job Level 50. You are ready to be a Stalker. Go back to Prontera City @warp prontera 156 191

When you become a Stalker your skill points will reset back to 0, so you will need to go back and kill few more Poring to get enough skill points for Vulture's Eye and Double Strafe maxed out.

Upon reaching Base Level 100

Map: @warp in_sphinx5

Arrow: Arrow of Counter Evil (HOLY PROPERTY)

Status: DEX: 170, AGI: Increase this now to achieve 197 ASPD.

Kill as much as you can and as faster as you can until you reach Level 160.

Now you are ready to move forward to higher level monster.

Level 160 - 255

Map: @warp thor_v01 or  @warp thor_v03

Arrow: Crystal Arrow

While you are leveling and killing all the monsters on @warp thor_v01 or @warp thor_v03. Make sure you kill Bow Master as it drops a good accessories that you will need on your first build. 


Now that you are 255/100. It is time to reset your stats and skills.

STR: 100
AGI: 100
VIT: 100
INT: 7
DEX: 255
LUK: 171

Skills: (see my skill bar and arrange it on your preference.)



Time Scale: 4-5 Hours a day (4-6B "if lucky")



To go to Gold Room (@Warp prontera 162 152) and pay 250,000 Zeny as entrance fee. 


(I recommend to put Fly Wing 1x to your Skill bar for easy use.)


Arrow: 1766 10x Arrow of Counter Evil [HOLY PROPERTY]

Skill to copy: mo-tripleattack Triple Attack (Monk/Champion


Monster: 1369


Gold-Points  Collect as much as points as you can, then exchange it to the same NPC outside Prontera.



Kill as many as you can of Golden Peco until reach 10,000 Gold points (to get your 1,000,000,000 Zeny)

Create a Merchant so you can sell your obtained Gold to the NPC 24% higher than 100,000 per gold so you will get more Zeny.

Now that you have a 1 Billion Zeny you can now start farming materials for Break The Seal




2nd Character "For FARMING"

  1. You will need to create a new character (Gunslinger).
  2. Follow the same level pattern above to get your Gunslinger at 255/100 (except get the REVOLVER instead of BOW)
  3. Go to the Mall and buy yourself a ammo: NPC - Ammunitions Buy the following Bullets:  13200 10x Bullet, 13202 10x Bloody Shell, and 13201 10x Silver Bullet



STR: 100
AGI: 165 (Recommended for 197 ASPD)
VIT: 100
INT: 1
DEX: 255
LUK: Whatever left


Skill you need:
gs-desperado Level 10 DESPERADO + [ANY of F1 or F2 or F3 that contains 604Dead Branches ]


Go to DeadBranch Room located @warp prontera 162 156 and start summoning monster and killing them with gs-desperado Level 10 DESPERADO.

Using your 1 Billion you can buy loads of 604 Dead Branches that you can use to farm the following items: 


@alootid +2354 - Goibne’s Armor 
@alootid +2419 - Goibne’s Greeves  
@alootid +5128 - Goibne’s Helm      
@alootid +2520 - Goibne’s Spaulders 
@alootid +4203 - Mutant Dragonoid Card   
@alootid +4266 - Eclipse Card 
@alootid +4306 - Toad Card         
@alootid +14574 - Vagabond Card 
@alootid +2125  - strong shield 
@alootid +7444  - Treassure  
@alootid +7443  - Three Head
@alootid +7035  - Matchstick
@alootid +ancient lips
@alootid +bat cage
@alootid +aloevera
@alootid +cursed seal
@alootid +hand of god

@alootid +607 (YggBerry)

@alootid +aloevera


Important Materials


v97ajvK.gif Cursed Seal 300x (1set) = 80-90C

08l569k.gif Match Stick 1x = 1C - 2.5C

O9Pfd6q.gif Eclipse Card = 80-90C

O9Pfd6q.gif Toad Card = 1B

O9Pfd6q.gif Vagabond Card = 20C

O9Pfd6q.gif Mutant Dragonoid Card = 20C

n2Qg6OE.gif 1000x YGG Box (10,000x YggBerry) = 2.5B set

3RszvZd.gif 1000x Aloevera Box (10,000x Aloevera) = 5B - 6B


(TIP: Please check the URL below for Break The Seal Materials, so you can also add that your @alootid)

Then the rest of Break The Seal materials can be sold up to 6-8 B per set.


The above are the following items that you will need to collect and sell to players that are doing the Break The seal.


Usually you can get at least 6+ Billion Zeny on 20-30k Dead Branches or 4-6 hours. 


I suggest use the first earn money to get the following items for MID-Tier Farming, so your farming will be a lot quicker and enjoyable. 

Headgear: Sound Head Protector
Low HG: Gargoyle Wings
Mid HG: Dark Blinker
Weapon: +0 or +10 Garrison + [2x Turtle General Card] + [1x Drake for SP consumption]
Armor/Mantu/Shoes: Keep using Silver Vset for your Gunslinger
Accessories: 2x Orlean's Glove


The outcome of this guide will also be depending how determine and how much effort you put into it.

Once you get your 15-20 B Credits, You can now buy your first Tier 1 2357 Valkyrie Armor. 

Create a Merchant so you can sell your obtained loots via Vending on the mall "@autotrade" so you can earn while sleeping or farming for more Loots.



Time Scale: 2-3 Hours to get the following items below. If hunting all the items (EXCEPT Tier 1 Valkyrie Armor)


Headgear: Head Protector of Earth + [Vanberk Card] or Father's Beret for 10% reduce damage from Demi-Human.
Mid Gear: Dark Blinker (I suggest to buy it from vending merchant @warp mall) + [Vanberk Card]
Lower Gear: Phoenix Wing
Armor: T1 Valkyrie Armor  + [Ghostering Card] <- (I suggest to buy it from vending merchant @go mall)
Garment: Wool Scarf (Dropped by Banshee) + [Radric Card] or [Noxious Card]
Shoes: Tidal Shoes (Dropped by Ragged Zombie) + Moonlight Card <- 
Accessories: 2pcs Orlean's Glove + Erendee Card] for Pneuma + [Wickebine  Card] for Auto Strip Armor
Long Range Weapon: +10 Composite Bow + [3x Metalling cards] + [Lord Of Death Card] or Combat Knife / Grimtooth (Switch Wisely)

STR: 41
AGI: 193
VIt: 151
INT: 1
DEX: 255
LUK: 1


Then try to apply or ask to join any GUILD that are available or currently recruiting. 

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