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Guild Package

If you and your guildmates are looking to relocate to our server, we can hook up your whole squad with gears that can jumpstart your gameplay!

You and your guild must meet the following requirements below:

  • Minimum of 7 unique Guild Members
  • Guild Level: 50
  • Member Level: 255
  • Upon meeting above requirements, you can claim your guild package rewards type in @request Gpack then Killua™ will teleport you to the Gpack NPC

Guild Package Member Box (All items are account-bound)

  • x1 Black Valkyrie Set
  • x1 Headgear (Quest Shop)
  • x1 Wing(Optional)
  • x1 Dark Blinkers(Slotted) / Blank Eyes (Slotted)
  • x2 Weapon(Quest Shop)
  • x2 Accessories(Hourly)
  • x1 Credit
  • 10,000,000 Zeny
  • x4 Sealed Turtle General Card
  • x1 Sealed Tao Gunka Card
  • x1 Sealed GTB Card
  • x2 Sealed Kiel-D1 Card
  • x1 Sealed Fallen Bishop Card
  • x1 Sealed Ghostring Card
  • 500x Bloody Branch
  • 50x He Bubble Gum
  • x20 Yggdrasil Berry Box
  • x20 Yggdrasil Seed Box
  • x20 Box of Thunder Box

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