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Greetings DevilsupremeRO!

 - The DevilsupremeRO has decided to open an event that will hear out the players' concern on how we will improve the game quality for better experience of the devil within.

Objective: We are now all ears and open to the concern of our fellow players and supports, if you have any ideas that will help us improve our server and support to the players, this is now your chance.


  • You may suggest ideas and concerns to the server
  • You may suggest in-game quests that can improve our server's PvPing/GvGing meta.
  • You may indicate also on how will the server improve.
  • Suggestions must include PROs and CONs
  • Suggestions that is intended for an individual or for your self-gain will not be accepted.
  • Suggest your full idea with proper explanation on why it would be great for our server.
  • Suggestions that includes: Flaming and Toxicity to the server and to its players/supporters will not be VALID.
  • Suggestions may NOT advertise other servers (i.e Like in xxxRO, they are a 255 server with etc etc etc)
  • It should benefit every player in the Devilsupreme RO server.


  • 50% Originality (Includes Thoughtfulness & Game Improvement)
  • 20% PROS & CONS
  • 20% Creativity
  • 10% Explanation (We need a clear explanation on why should it be heard out)
  • Flaming & Toxic suggestions will receive forum warning points


Best Suggestion: 200$ Cash Point means you can win 1 Customized Item of your choice + choose 1 of these Wings.png

Most Thoughtful: 150Pods + Rengoku's Surprise Box

Most Liked (By Sarah and Me): 50Pods + Sarah's Surprise Box

Duration: From June 17. 2021 - End June 30, 2021

Entry Format:

IGN: (In Game Name & Job - Character To Receive The Prize)

Title: ( Title of your suggestion, to give out an idea)

Short Description INTRO: (Why is it your suggestion?)

Mechanics: (List down your PROS and CONS of your suggestion)

Rules: (Explain and give us an idea about your suggestion, at least 15 sentences / 300 words)



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