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[GM] Rengoku Kyojuro

May 16,2021 Patch Notes

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The scheduled maintenance was a success and the server's start sequence was completed without any issues. DevilSupremeRO is now running at a self-sustained state and you should be able to perform your normal routines immediately after patching your client.

  • Dragon Shield III Changed instead of Reflect + 7% it became Reduce Damage To Demi Human by 1% Each Refine
  • Added Mining System
  • Naght Sieger Now Appears on Bloody Branch ( Due to Mobile Issues inside ET this is not my work but mobile really dosnt support Lightmap on Endless Tower )
  • Naght Sieger Now Drops DSRO COIN ,Devil's Orb
  • Quest items T2 Changed
  • Devil's Shop is now also an Ore Exchanger
  • Update about Portal Def will not be tolerated Range of area to def is now posted
  • Instant Job Changer Removed
  • Added Job Changer

Please Run Your Patchers! Thankyou!














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