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Forums Rules and Regulations

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Main Forum Rules:

  • No flames.
  • No unnecessary comments.
  • No bad words.
  • No double posts.
  • No spams.
  • No impersonation of GMs and Staff member's forum names.
  • No power abuse posts. MUST BE PMed DIRECTLY TO ME.

General Talk Rules:

  • Post you server related topics and talks in here.
  • THIS IS NOT A SECTION FOR YOU TO ASK QUESTION. Questions and Supports will be moved out of this section. Please refer to General Support.
  • Any disrespect, rants, or accusations will be hidden or deleted.
  • If you have any concern about any Staff members, do not post it, please go to me directly. Leave me a message either in-game or here in forums.
  • Do not double post. Multiple posts will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

General Support Rules:

  • Make sure you are in the right section. This section only answers game related supports. Otherwise, your post will be moved or deleted.
  • Double posts are not allowed and will be deleted as soon as possible.
  • We will try our very best to answer all of your questions immediately, so please do not make multiple same posts.
  • All Server News will be posted once everything is cleared up so there's no need for posts like "Why is the server down?" or any other rants, otherwise your post will be hidden or deleted and you will be given a warning

Report Abuse Rules:

  • Follow the right format! Failure to do so will result on rejected/denied reports.
  • Reports without proper evidence or solid proof will be denied.
  • All screenshots and videos provided MUST not have any EDIT. Original screenshot with DevilsupremeRO watermark with time and date on screenshot must show without any edit or crops. Video must be original and non-edited nor cropped.
  • Same goes with Chat Logs. Please provide a FULL and extended Chat Logs when reporting, otherwise it cannot be accepted as valid proof.
  • Only the accused, victim, GMs, Support and Order, and any other players necessarily related to the case are allowed to reply to the case.
  • Starting a topic must be posted by the victim himself/herself ONLY. Nobody else can report something for you, unless otherwise you have a disability that may stop you to post.


Guidelines and Rules may change without prior notice

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