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  1. IGN:KingFam First of is Lighthalzen Card. it would be cool if we costumize LHZ cards on level 2 Harword / Howard Alt-Eise Mob-ID#1636 Howard Alt-Eisen Card Item ID# 4362 Effect from:HIT + 30 Decreases Attack Speed by 5%.To STR+3 Atk+5 Seyren / Seyren Windsor Mob-ID#1634 Seyren Windsor Card Item ID# 4358 Effect from:STR - 6 Increase STR by an amount equal to the refine rate of the equipment this card is compound on. To Vit+3 Atk+5 Eremes / Eremes Guile Mob-ID#1635 Eremes Guile Card Item ID# 4360 Effect from: Critical Rate + 10 on DemiHuman monster To Agi+3 Atk+5 Shecil / Cecil Damon Mob-ID#1638 Cecil Damon Card Item ID# 4368 Effect From:HIT - 30 Increases Attack Speed by 5%. To Dex+3 Atk+5 Magaleta / Margaretha Sorin Mob-ID#1637 Margaretha Sorin Card Item ID# 4364 Effect from:Add a 15% chance of auto casting Level 5 Lex Divina on an enemy when the user receives Magical Damage.INT + 1 To Int+1 Inflict 10% more damage with Holy Light. Katrinn / Kathryne Keyron Mob-ID#1639 Kathryne Keyron Card Item ID# 4366 Effect From:Reduce Casting Time by 1% per Refine Level of the equipment this card is compunded on. [Refine Rate +9 or higher] MATK + 2% To Int+3 Matk+5 (ALL OF THE NEW CARD IS FOR ACCESSORY) This will make LHZ card viable. Second Recomendation is the: Bow Guardian / Bow MasterMob-ID#1830 Bow Guardian Card Item ID# 4428 Effect from:Critical Rate + 5, HIT + 5 Increases Arrow Shower damage when used with a bow by 50%. To Increase Double Strife DMG by 25% when equiped by a hunter class. This should only have effect on Archer class since it will be too over power if equiped in stalker they say Double Strife is already 200% dmg in stalker jobs.
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