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  1. ign: Ichigaki, Qyufeed, and Echo OLD: Maero Of thanatos card (Weapon) Atk +5 adds a chance of autocasting level 3 decrease agi with each physical attack. NEW: (weapon) Reducing Reflect Magic damage by 20% OLD:(weapon) Dolor of thanatos Increases Magic Damage against angel Type monster by 10% New:(Garment) Int+1 Matk+3% Reducing the damage of holy light by 10% Old: Odium of Thanatos (Footgear) adds an amount of agi equal to the compounded shoe's upgrade level New:(Footgear) 5% chance of ignoring magic reflect damage while doing magic attack damage From demi human monster Old:Despero of thanatos (shield) Int -6 adds an amount of INT equal to the compounded shield's upgrade level New: (Shield) Int -6 adds amount of int equal to the compounded shield upgrade level Matk+10 COMBO SET for thanatos cards +Maero of thanatos +dolor of thantos +odium of thanatos +despero of thanatos Int+3 Matk+6% Reducing Reflect magic damage by 30% Reducing damage of Holy light by 20% +15% chance ignoring magic reflect damage while doing magic attack from demi human monsters
  2. wow killua's bow!!! masubukan nga! 😄
  3. Thank you admin killua 🙂
  4. I am QYU! haha lahat ng name ko may alias "qyu" so Feel free to chat me in game. if you need something you can ask me especially when you're just a newbie. Tignan natin ano pwede maitulong ko sayo 🙂
  5. Alright. new quest? Daily quest is included? :D
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