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  1. Dear Players, We'll be having a maintenance on June 23, 2021 starting 12:00AM (GMT+8), which will last for a minimum of 8-12 hours. Once we're finished, there is a possibility that the server will be up earlier than scheduled. Rest assured that we'll keep everyone posted and will post changelogs as usual in the Patch Notes forums. MAKE SURE TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR CHARACTER INGAME. PLEASE POST IT HERE ON FORUMS. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT THIS KIND OF FORMAT OF SCREENSHOT. Thank You EXAMPLE:
  2. Greetings DevilsupremeRO! - The DevilsupremeRO has decided to open an event that will hear out the players' concern on how we will improve the game quality for better experience of the devil within. Objective: We are now all ears and open to the concern of our fellow players and supports, if you have any ideas that will help us improve our server and support to the players, this is now your chance. You may suggest ideas and concerns to the server You may suggest in-game quests that can improve our server's PvPing/GvGing meta. You may indicate also on how will the server improve. Suggestions must include PROs and CONs Suggestions that is intended for an individual or for your self-gain will not be accepted. Suggest your full idea with proper explanation on why it would be great for our server. Suggestions that includes: Flaming and Toxicity to the server and to its players/supporters will not be VALID. Suggestions may NOT advertise other servers (i.e Like in xxxRO, they are a 255 server with etc etc etc) It should benefit every player in the Devilsupreme RO server. Criteria: 50% Originality (Includes Thoughtfulness & Game Improvement) 20% PROS & CONS 20% Creativity 10% Explanation (We need a clear explanation on why should it be heard out) Flaming & Toxic suggestions will receive forum warning points Prize: Best Suggestion: 200$ Cash Point means you can win 1 Customized Item of your choice + choose 1 of these Most Thoughtful: 150Pods + Rengoku's Surprise Box Most Liked (By Sarah and Me): 50Pods + Sarah's Surprise Box Duration: From June 17. 2021 - End June 30, 2021 Entry Format: IGN: (In Game Name & Job - Character To Receive The Prize) Title: ( Title of your suggestion, to give out an idea) Short Description INTRO: (Why is it your suggestion?) Mechanics: (List down your PROS and CONS of your suggestion) Rules: (Explain and give us an idea about your suggestion, at least 15 sentences / 300 words)
  3. Maintenance Notes: Changes & Improvements Professor Bolts Buffed. Tarot added cool down delay for the dispel chance would be lowered. Fish Slice removed. Cool down/Ygg seed (Reduced CD)/Ygg berry (Reduced CD). Ygg seed box,Ygg berry Box, Fish slice box now gives 10 pcs per box for it to be killable. Added a slight cool down for asura due to fish slice. CD removed for macro users to be blocked. Upcoming Updates Fishing Quest with chance of having it successfully Costume Maker NPC Aura Color Changer Name Color Changer GOTM Updates WOE WILL NOW BE SCHEDULED EVERYDAY POINTS WILL BE GIVEN EVERYDAY KOE UPDATE PRIZE FOR THE WINNER CHANGED HEAD'S UP GOLDROOM BONUS REMOVED. GOLD POINTS NOW BACK TO NORMAL. 9TH MONTHSARY EGG WILL BE REMOVED AFTER JUNE 20,2021 PLEASE RUN YOUR PATCHERS! THANK YOU
  4. Greetings ! We will have a Emergency maintenance this coming Wednesday, June 16 at 2:00A.M. Server Time. Please logout beforehand on the said time to avoid any issues. Once we finished our Scheduled Maintenance. We will post Release Notes in Game Updates Section. Thank you for your Support!
  5. June 4 (Dry Run)Day 1: Berlin & Friends = 2points June 8 Day 2: Berlin & Friends = 3points June 11 Day 3: Berlin & Friends = 3points June 12 Day 4: Vendetta = 2 Points June 16 Day 5:Berlin & Friends = 2points / Vendetta = 1point (BAF = Defense Factor+ Longets Def) (Vendetta = Castle Holder) Total Points B&F = 10 Vendetta = 3
  6. Please Re-register your Characters once again!
  7. SERVER'S UP! Patch Notes: Maya Purple Card - from +4 Str to +30 Atk to make Vanberk / Syren Windsor Effective. ( ADDED Long Atk Ranged by 2% ) Strip Chance - from 2% to 4% Evil Snake Lord Card - Added Matk + 3% Bowling Bash - Nerfed by 2%. from 33-30* ( To balance out T2 Dwings ) Sharpshooting - Nerfed by 2%. from 450 - 449*( To balance out T2 Dwings ) Added T2 Dwings will be released after GOTM. GOTM WILL LAST UNTIL JULY 8, 2021 Rotations of Headgears Donate/Hourly/KOE/PVP will be released after GOTM. Added New Garment Costumes Included on GOTM as PRIZE. Added Egg for 9TH Monthsary . ( once opened you'll get random donate items / aura's costumes except Job tix / Garments ) - It will last until June 20, 2021 1AM (GMT + 8) LOCATION: QUEST SHOP NPC IT WILL COST YOU 3,000 Gold Loti now Set @ May 31,2021 11PM (+8GMT) WILL LAST UP TO 2Hours. Dry Run for GOTM will start on June 4, 2021 but points will be counted. ( NOTE IF YOU EQUIPPED ANY COSTUMES ON GOTM YOU'RE GUILD WONT GET ANY POINTS TILL THE END OF WOE ) I'll be watching WOE. KOE WILL NOW BE PART OF THE GAME 2x KOE A DAY ( 1 AT 4PM / 1 AT 10PM ) = IF KOE IS IN SCHEDULE THERE WILL BE NO WOE. KOE SCHEDULE : MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, SUNDAY. ( DOES KOE HAS SALARY YES IT HAS AUTOMATICALLY ) KOE LAST UP TO: 45MINUTES WOE SCHEDULE: TUESDAY,THURSDAY,FRIDAY,SATURDAY. WOE POINTS x2 ( June 20,2021 ) GOLD ROOM POINTS x2 ( June 20,2021 ) PLEASE RUN YOUR PATCHERS THANKYOU
  8. Greetings Supremians! We will have a scheduled maintenance this coming Sunday, May 31 at 1:00 A.M. Server Time (GMT + 8). The server's engines will be shut down for about 5-10 hours. Maintenance includes: Improve & Features Updates New Rotation and Shop Items And many more! Please logout beforehand on the said time to avoid any issues. Once we finished our Scheduled Maintenance. We will post Release Notes in Game Updates Section. Thank you for your Support!
  9. DSRO Advertisers Program Minimum of 3-4 Times Advertise a day Must include #DSRO#DevilSupremeRO on your description. All this usefull link must be on Pinned Comment while streaming Advertisers Perks : < FB Cap > ( Account Bound ) Weekly Reward: 100 Credits 100 BB 20pcs Fish Slice Box 20pcs BBG Advertisers Monthly Rewards: 1st Month: T3 Armor +5 T2 Weapon 500 Credits 2nd Month: T3 Shield +6 T2 Weapon 1000 Credits 3rd Month: T2 Manteau 1000 Credits Free Costume from Admin 4th Month: T3 Shoes Nile Rose I Sleipnir Supplies 1000 Credits Following Months will be provided as Pods Monthly TO APPLY. NAME: FACEBOOK NAME: EMAIL ADDRESS: CONTACT NUMBER: DISCORD ID: MESSAGE ME ON FORUMS FOR YOUR APPLICATION FORM
  10. DSRO REVAMPED Streamer Program Must have a great knowledge about DevilSupreme RO Minimum of 2 hours a day for every stream. Must stream DevilSupremeRO 2-3 times a week Must include #DevilSupremeRO#DSRO on your description. All this usefull link must be on Pinned Comment while streaming Streamer Perks : Streamers HG(Account Bound) Daily Giveaway : DSRO Streamers Box Accepted Streamer rewards ( for every stream ) Streamer Rewards Box Contains : 100 Credits 5pcs HE BBG 200 BB 10pcs BBG 50pcs Event Ticket 2 Poring Coin Streamer Monthly Rewards: 1st Month T3 Armor +7 T2 Weapon 1000 Credits 2nd Month T3 Shoes +7 T2 Weapon 2000 Credits 3rd Month T2 Manteau 2000 Credits Free Costume from Admin 4th Month T3 Shield Nile Rose I Sleipnir Supplies 2000 Credits Following Months will be Pods Given + Streamers will be having monthly Events ( PRIZE WILL BE GIVEN BY ME ) TO APPLY: NAME: FACEBOOK NAME: FACEBOOK PAGE: NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: SAMPLE STREAM (PUT YOUR LINK HERE): EMAIL ADDRESS: CONTACT NUMBER: DISCORD ID: MESSAGE ME ON FORUMS FOR YOUR APPLICATION FORM
  11. Assassin Cross Event Event Registration for Assassin Cross Event 05/22/2020 (23:00) PH SERVER TIME Prize: Champion 5 Black Credit, 20pcs FCP Scrolls, 20pcs Foods, 20pcs Fish Slice Box,10 DSRO Streamers box Consolation Prize: 1 Black Credit, 5pcs DSRO Streamers box HOW TO REGISTER?: EXAMPLE IGN: RENGOKU™ Rules and Regulations: 1) All skills are allowed within the area except Cloaking,Sonic Blow,Hidding,Grimtooth (Assassin Cross Job) 2) No Donation items and Rare MVP Cards (such as Thanatos,VRC,VSET T1) 3) NO COSTUMES ALLOWED 4) NO BUG COSTUMES ALLOWED MEANS ONCE YOU HAVE NO EQUIPPED COSTUMES OR EQUIPPED COSTUMES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND REMOVE FOR THIS EVENT FOR 3WEEKS 5) NO COMA, 6) POINT SYSTEM: Champion 3points, 2nd Place 2points, 3rd Place 1point ALLOWED ITEMS: MVP/NORMAL Cards are allowed. RMS WEAPON/ARMORS ARE ONLY ALLOWED. QUEST SHOP: TOP GEAR, Lower Gear Quest, MIDDLE QUEST, T1 NILE ROSE ARE ALLOWED (IF YOU USE T2 NILE ROSE YOUR DISQUALIFIED) These things are not allowed also: Strip Costumes Deadly/Poison Armor Perfect Dodge type will not be allowed. (Automatic Disqualify) 5) Must be online before 11:30PM to prepare. Monthly Champion Prize: Customized Costume Of Your Choice ( DEPENDS ON YOUR ITEM ON HOW MANY DAYS WEEKS MONTH BEFORE U GET THE ITEM )
  13. • Customization • Upon ordering a custom cap,wings,auras please specify what you need also you may send screenshot of what you want as a custom cap/wings/auras • Pricing • Depends on what you ordered and what you like • Delivery • Delivery time is expected within 2-3 Weeks depends if im fully loaded with the server. in my forge i will make it as unique only you can have it.. Examples of my work TAKE NOTE ANY HEADGEAR/AURA/WINGS OF YOUR REQUEST WILL BE FOLLOWED UP ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SEND SCREENSHOT OF YOUR HEADGEAR/AURA/WINGS IDEA ON THE PAGE www.fb.com/DSRO2
  14. The scheduled maintenance was a success and the server's start sequence was completed without any issues. DevilSupremeRO is now running at a self-sustained state and you should be able to perform your normal routines immediately after patching your client. Dragon Shield III Changed instead of Reflect + 7% it became Reduce Damage To Demi Human by 1% Each Refine Added Mining System Naght Sieger Now Appears on Bloody Branch ( Due to Mobile Issues inside ET this is not my work but mobile really dosnt support Lightmap on Endless Tower ) Naght Sieger Now Drops DSRO COIN ,Devil's Orb Quest items T2 Changed Devil's Shop is now also an Ore Exchanger Update about Portal Def will not be tolerated Range of area to def is now posted Instant Job Changer Removed Added Job Changer Please Run Your Patchers! Thankyou!
  15. Greetings DevilSupreme! On May 16, 2021 at 1:00 AM (Server Time - GMT+8), we will be conducting a server maintenance which will require a complete server shut down in order to safely perform and implement updates and fixes to the server files. Below are few of the updates included in this scheduled maintenance. Mining System New Garment Costumes Preparation for GOTM The server's engines will be shut down for about 4-10 hours which includes both implementation and testing. We urge you to log off beforehand to avoid account related issues and make all the necessary preparations. For guild leaders, we advise you to check your castles and break your treasure boxes beforehand to avoid any spawn issues. I will be posting patch notes as soon as the server is back up and self-sustaining.
  16. Be the Lords of DevilSupremeRO! Prove your guild might once and for all and let your Teamwork do the talking! May the devil release within you all!! WHAT: FIRST AGIT LORD OF DEVIL SUPREME RO WHEN: JUNE 08, 2021 TO JULY 08, 2021 We will be using GOTM POINT SYSTEM Points will only be given during Friday - Saturday only. AGIT LORDS: Point System Longest Defense: The guild with the longest defense time - (+1 PT) Defense Factor: The guild with the highest number of players killed while defending their conquered castle - (+1PT) Castle Holder: The castle owners by the end of every woe period - (+1PT) RULES FOR THIS EVENT: RMS ITEMS ARE ONLY ALLOWED. ( Vset T1 are allowed since its on RMS). Nile Rose I is ALLOWED. ONLY Valkyrie Set T1 is ALLOWED Quest Headgears , Quest Lower Gears are ALLOWED. NORMAL COSTUMES are ALLOWED. (PVP SHOP/ KOE SHOP/ LOTTI) Donate Items are NOT ALLOWED (except for vset T1 as stated above) T3 Armors T2 Armors will be DISABLED. Quest Weapons including Dweapon, Glare Weapons are DISABLED. Nile Rose II is NOT ALLOWED. ALL DONATE COSTUMES INCLUDING FROM THE PAST WILL are also DISABLED. All DONATE AURAS are also NOT ALLOWED. ALL CUSTOMIZED ITEMS ARE ALSO NOT ALLOWED. Changing of EMBLEM is prohibited. TAKE NOTE: WEARING OF ALL MENTIONED THINGS THAT ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING THE WHOLE WOE, POINT/S WILL NOT BE COUNTED. LIST OF DISABLED ITEMS: Quest Shop: Weapon Quest Tier II Tier III Items Glare Weapons Job Costumes will also be disabled because it is a part of Donate Items. All Items that came from Donate NPC are disabled (EXCEPT VSET T1) / Customized Costumes ALSO DISABLED. Accessory Gear Disabled IS ONLY T2 Nile Rose. Updated GOTM Prize -CHAMPION- 1Exclusive HG - each member 1Rengoku's Surprise Box - random costume - each member 1Sarah's Box - random costume - each member WOE Supplies - 1000 -CONSOLATION- 1Exclusive HG - each member 1Dragon Valkyrie Armor lll - each member 1Sarah's Box - random costume - each member WOE Supplies - 500 P.S: We decide that there's no more cash prize for now, instead we add more items for the prize. Next GOTM, if we have enough participating guilds we will give cash prize. This is also to avoid issues what is circulating in the RO ads about giving a cash prize in a GOTM. SO THAT'S IT. THIS RULES IS IMPLEMENTED FOR THOSE NEWBIE GUILDS THAT COULD COPE UP WITH THE SERVERS GAMEPLAY. THANK YOU AND STAY SAFE!
  17. The difference this time around is that you will relive your childhood memories and apply it in-game. This may be a simple event, but this will take some of your ‘resourceful’ personality. Basically, here are the mechanics: Choose any starwars/anime/cartoon or even from your desired movie character that you love or admire. Once you decided on which character, find a corresponding gear/equipment, and set up a cosplay. It is important that you reference your cosplay to an movie/anime/cartoon scene. Take a screenshot of your character. (Note: Use the post-image (https://postimages.org/). Upload and copy-paste the hot-link for forums. Once again, please spare me the pain to click on your link. Ensure you include your main IGN and cosplay character as part of your post/entry. Rules: Not allowed to modify the headgear’s sprite. The items must be the original equipment from the server. The contest is limited to one screenshot per person. (You can use dual charaters if preferred.) Photoshop, paint or any program that modifies the screenshot is prohibited. Prize: 1st: 100 Black Credits + 100 Donate Ticket + Lucky Box 2nd: 50 Donate Ticket + 50 Black Credits 3rd: 25 Donate Ticket + 25 Black Credits The creativity and resourcefulness will be the main criteria. Hence, the winner will be chosen by me. Sample screenshot with reference: IGN : Sample 1 Cosplay Character: Darth Vader from Star Wars Event duration: May 12, 2021.
  18. MY Token Choice 1.4 - The Sad Widow Map: prontera 260 360 NPC: Old Lady Req: 150pcs Memento (available at at nif_in 140 20) Tokens: 5 2.3 - Bee Keepers Hunny Map: prt_fild07 315 260 NPC: Marsh Man Req: 200pcs Honey (available @go mall - Pet Seller NPC) Tokens: 5 3.2 - Package Delivery Map: yuno_fild01 180 170 NPC: Flank Req: Box (provided by quest manager) Tokens: 3 4.2 - Mystic Wizard Map: yuno 50 130 NPC: Zed Req: Zed's Staff (provided by quest manager) Tokens: 3 5.3 - Thinking First Map: geffen 50 130 NPC: Blonde Girl Req: 50pcs Bouquet of Flowers (provided by quest manager) Tokens: 3 6.1 - Package for thieves Map: moc_prydb1 50 130 NPC: Thief Req: Box (provided by quest manager) Tokens: 3 7.4 - Evil Pirates Map: alb2trea 95 100 NPC: Scarlet Req: 1pc Saber[3] (item#1127 dropped by khalizburg gl_knt02) Tokens: 5 8.3 - My lost Beeds Map: payon 130 120 NPC: Flower Req: 100pcs Glass Bead (available at prontera 100 90) Tokens: 5 9.1 - Smelly Box Map: geffen_in 170 120 NPC: Mage Req: Box (provided by quest manager) Tokens: 3 10.1 - The Blank Box Map: morocc 190 50 NPC: Kreg Req: Box (provided by quest giver) Tokens: 3 Treasure hunter's shop's stocks: ( items to trade with your token points ) [ Trade for zeny ]: 1 Token = 5,000,000 ( 5m) 10 Tokens = 50,000,000 ( 50m) 100 Tokens = 500,000,000 (500m) [ Trade for Castle drops ]: -Freya's Jewel = 200T -Thor's Gauntlet = 200T -Iron Maiden = 200T -Wheel of the Unknown = 200T -Silver Ornament = 200T -Wrath of Valkyrie = 200T -Feather of Angel Wing = 200T -Footprints of Cat = 200T -Woman's Mustaches = 200T -Root of Stone = 200T -Spirit of Fish = 200T -Sputum of Bird = 200T -Sinew of Bear = 200T -Breath of Soul = 200T -Snow Crystal = 200T -Omen of Tempest = 200T -Ripple = 200T -Billow = 200T -Drifting Air = 200T -Emblem of the Sun God = 400T
  19. UPDATE! Choosen Aura Effect of Thunderstroke Red
  20. UPDATE! Choosen Aura Effect of Thunderstroke White
  21. To express our appreciation for your continued support in DevilSupremeRO even throughout the difficult times, we are giving extra Pods & Freebies! Your support means so much to us and the community. We would like to THANK everyone for the continued support! PROMO DURATION: Until May 15, 2021 Donation Promo: +25% More on any amount of Pods Free Item: 5 Option Scroll (Your Choice),15 Black Credit With every $100 donation you will received 5pcs Option Scroll (Your Choice),15 Black Credits Free Item: 10pcs Option Scroll, 3rd Job Ticket and 4th Job Ticket With every $200 donation you will receive 10pcs Option Scroll (Your Choice),30 Black Credits,4th Job Ticket and 3rd Job Ticket
  22. Headgear: 2vesper card Armor: Antonio Card - Once gets hit you'll get a chance to be able to use teleport. Shoes: Moonlight Card Acce: 2 Zerom Card Manteau: Giant Whisper Card Weapon: 2Vadon Card 2Minorous Card NOTE THIS IS ONLY FOR AFK FARMERS IF THERE ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL YOU OR SOMETHING YOU WILL GET TELEPORTED AUTOMATICALLY ONCE HIT YOU CAN GET ANTONIO CARD THRU OLD CARD ALBUM
  23. The scheduled maintenance was a success and the server's start sequence was completed without any issues. DevilSupremeRO is now running at a self-sustained state and you should be able to perform your normal routines immediately after patching your client. Added Loti box (rare box consisting of rare costumes) Added Option Scrolls it will be available @12AM Loti per roll will be 1Black Credit Each Added Lucky box (obtainable thru bonus donation item) Added 8th Monthsary Coin (Obtainable thru Bloody Branch you may start hunting while waiting for the NPC trader @ 12AM) Goldroom Points x2 until April 3,2021 NPC For 8th Monthsary Coin Trader Will be open later on @ exactly 12AM so be prepared LOTI IS SCHEDULED @ MAY 1, 2021 @ 11PM AFTER WOE What can you obtain thru lucky box? Wrath Wings Electric Auras Seraph Instinct Auras Death Spirit Auras
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